Dr George Astras is a Medical Oncology Consultant providing professional oncology services throughout Cyprus.

He has extensive experience in Oncology and his specialty training includes posts in the United Kingdom. He has completed Master of Science in Oncology and has participated in numerous Phase I, Phase II and III oncology trials in the United Kingdom.


Dr George Astras specialises in using chemotherapy, targeted therapies, hormonal manipulation and other treatments, in the management of cancer. His role as a medical oncologist starts from the moment of diagnosis and continues through the course of the disease and survivorship by:


  • Educating the patient about their form of cancer and the stages of its development.
  • Discussing treatment options and making recommendations to the patient.
  • Monitoring the care and treatment of the patient throughout the course of the disease.
  • Working with the patient to improve his quality of life and assist with the management of pain and symptoms.

Our Oncology Team treats and offers professional opinions about all types of cancer. Dr Astras has developed particular research interest in Lung cancers, Breast cancers, Gastro-intestinal cancers and Soft tissue Sarcomas.

Cancer care offered at our clinic, it is within a multidisciplinary team (MDT) environment, involving a group of highly skilled professionals specialized in specific types of cancer.

We believe that combining quality care with the latest technology and the latest approaches in treatment, has the most benefits for our patients.

Fighting cancer together…